Grief's Sad Song

Grief strikes with sudden onslaught,
There is no human cure...
As man seeks to understand,
And struggles to endure.
It sweeps in like unruly wind,
Man helpless in it's path...
Emotions range from disbelief,
To even those of wrath.
With grief comes stark reality,
To simply overwhelm,
As reason is all shoved aside,
And grief then takes the helm.
We have to turn to what we know
Will comfort, give us hope,
Our love of God, and family,
Enables us to cope.
From God will come, the strength we need,
It's hope that moves us on,
With empty places in our hearts,
From sound of grief's sad song.
(c)  01/03/05  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Dedicated to all the grief in the world, and to the tsunami victims and their families.

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