The Dreamer

If I could be paid for my wishes and dreams,
I'd be very wealthy indeed,
I could afford all the things that I want,
Not merely those that I need.
I could live in the finest of mansions,
Look down from its' site on a hill,
Never know the feel of hunger and cold,
Be grateful that I never will.
I would never again dread the time of month,
When all of my payments come due,
I'd wish to be able, to pay them with cash,
Be happy that my bills were few.
I would peel all away, my hardest years,
Take several steps back in time,
I'd forget the years, when I was forced to...
Dig deeply for even a dime.
I wouldn't have any gray in my hair,
I'd be rid of lines in my face,
Birthdays would stop, when I reached thirty nine,
No aging as time hung in space.
I'd wish for more days of brightest sunshine,
For me and also for you,
For our tears to be, like gentle spring rain,
Followed by clear skies of blue.
Far more important, than any wealth,
Would be my dream for world peace,
I'd wish that mankind, could get along,
So that all wars then would cease.
All of my dreams, each new wish I make,
Fall short of making me rich,
Part of the 'dreamer', inside of me,
That others may call a glitch.
(c)  12/26/04  Loree (Mason) O'Neil


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