How Sad It Is
How sad it is, this time of year,
Peace seems to be outdated...
Love, compassion, and kindness too,
All seem to be 'X-rated'.
Conscience of man once was the rule,
Seems now to be extinct,
No longer does it influence those,
Who act before they think.
How sad it is, that values too,
Have all but disappeared,
Forgotten or stored out of reach,
Just ugly thoughts now reared.
When did hate, replace the love,
We once felt for our neighbor,
How did corruption become the reward,
For a lifetime of hard labor?
For man has turned his back on those,
He trusted but now fears,
The sound of laughter now grows faint,
No lack of grief and tears.
The only hope that is held out...
That all things change with time,
So that some day this all will be,
Just memory in the mind.
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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