Santa Claus IS Coming!
Mrs. Claus woke Santa,
To get him out of bed,
Showed him all the letters,
That still were piled unread.
The elves were running everywhere,
Working night and day,
To wrap all of the presents,
That would fill Ol' Santa's sleigh.
Time was running out for them,
With many things to do,
Rudolph's bulb must be burned out,
No longer red, but blue.
Mrs. Claus near panicked,
Is Rudolph really sick?
Ah no, it's just another of,
A reindeer's corny tricks!
For when he takes his place in line,
To make a practice run,
He kicks his heels, his nose turns red,
It's just more reindeer fun.
The bells on harness have to be,
Polished to golden glow,
Checked for the sound of jingle,
As they fly across the snow.
Santa oversees the work,
As presents are piled high,
All in preparation for,
His trip across the sky.
But when he dons his suit of red,
He finds he has a problem,
Mrs. Santa wrings her hands,
Commences then to sobbing.
Santa's tummy is too big,
He's put on too much weight,
It has to be all the junk food...
Will Santa now be late?
Rudolph comes to the rescue,
Again he saves the day,
Points to a new red Santa suit,
That's offered on E-Bay!
With Overnight Express,
And the help of a charge card,
Santa's trip, is on again,
He'll show up in your yard.
So go to sleep on Christmas Eve,
Pleasant dreams to fill your head,
For Santa won't forsake you,
He's overweight, but still not dead!
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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