The world is in such turmoil,
And filled with those who hate,
It seems to not get better,
But even escalate.
Man's greed for power and control,
Mandates and spurs him on,
His better judgment hidden,
Beneath things he does wrong.
And yet he claims to be,
Self righteous, even just?
Empty words meant to placate,
And rally those they touch.
Where is the lost compassion,
He claims for fellow man?
Hidden somewhere, out of sight,
In far and distant land?
Who are we to force the world,
To live as we dictate?
And would it not be better if,
We spread love, and not hate?
God must be disappointed,
Consoling those who weep...
For hatred is alive and well,
Compassion seems to sleep.
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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