Choosing A Puppy
 photo by Gary
I wanted a new puppy,
To replace the dog I lost,
We would live in harmony,
Because I'd be the boss.
A Puppy who would understand,
And follow me around,
Beg to ride along with me,
Each time I went to town.
He would grow up to be very strong,
Protect me if he must,
A faithful friend I knew would be,
Devoted, full of trust.
But how does one make up their mind,
How do you choose just one?
Take a single puppy home,
To love and share the fun?
Would it make it easier,
To close my eyes and pick?
Wait for the touch of warm wet tongue,
That comes from friendly lick?
It's hard to choose only one,
Then leave the rest behind,
For when I close my eyes I see,
Each face etched in my mind.
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil


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