I took my cup of black coffee,
And sat out on the back step,
Wrapped in the warm dark silence,
While everyone still slept.
Millions of stars that shine overhead,
Twinkling like diamonds rare,
Light up the dark skies,
With brilliance to spare.
The varmints of the night were gone,
To hide from coming day,
The atmosphere so quiet now,
Most sounds are far away.
A lone car on the highway,
A full mile to the west,
It's motor sound soon fading,
Behind a hill's high crest.
Then silence hung like heavy load,
Against the lighting sky,
Fog formed low, next to the ground,
Beneath the tree tops high.
Pink and gold crept skyward,
Just ahead of sun,
As morning stretched and came awake,
And night was forced to run.
There was no wind to stir the leaves,
That lay limp on the ground,
Pinned helpless in wet dewdrops' grip,
Where each one had fallen down.
I love a Kansas sunrise,
It's like no other sight,
Intriguing as it makes the switch,
From darkness to daylight.
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil


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