I live in a house,
That can change it's size,
For I thought it was small,
But I got a surprise.
When there's two of us here,
It's just about right,
But when he is gone,
It's so scary at night.
While he lays so sick,
In a hospital bed,
I'm here alone,
And full of much dread.
The house seems so big,
With strange noises I hear,
Creaking and scratching sounds,
Fall on my ear.
Even my dog seems
Uneasy at night,
Would she protect me?
Even put up a fight?
I look at his chair,
In its' corner space,
That makes up his world,
In its' very own place.
The oxygen hose,
Usually out in a sprawl,
Is neatly coiled now,
Not needed at all.
But I think of tomorrow,
When he's coming home,
And my heart skips a beat,
That I won't be alone.
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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