The Package  
I'm sending you a package,
That isn't very big,
Inside there are a few things,
I thought that you might need.
There's a bundle of moonbeams,
To use on darkest night,
Each one will light your pathway,
Make sure that it is bright.
There are lots of rays of sunshine,
I've sent across the miles,
Think of them as part of me,
For they are just my smiles.
There's a little jar of stardust,
Like the light that's in your eyes,
Each time you look at someone,
With delight and some surprise.
And in the very bottom,
Tucked almost out of sight,
Are many hugs and kisses,
And a wish to hold you tight.
I hope these things will cheer you,
Each and every day,
Even as I wrap them,
To send them on their way.
Remember who thinks of you,
With this package that I send,
This is my way of saying Thanks,
For being my best friend.
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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