One More Smile
Photo (c) 2004  Loree O'Neil
I know each day that ends now,
Is deducted from my time,
That any day, the name that's called,
Could very well be mine.
I don't want undue fanfare,
Just keep it simple please,
I'm praying it's a warm day,
With just a hint of breeze.
I hope that it is springtime,
With blossoms that adorn,
Just like my Mandevilla,
With golden bloom that's worn.
I want a choir of singing birds,
And blue skies high overhead,
A sunny path to follow,
With not one bit of dread.
For this is the beginning,
Of journey we must make,
Where we can leave behind us,
All our sorrows and our aches.
Don't bring me flowers that will wilt,
So that they soon are dead,
But plant a bush that's always green,
To shade me there instead.
Leave behind all of your tears,
I don't need them on that day,
I'd rather have, just one more smile,
Before you walk away.
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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