Healthy, Wealthy, And Wise

I feel I have been fortunate,
Most of my time to date,
With health that I have been blessed with,
Some luck and via fate.
I've not been rich in dollars,
Though I hope I have some sense,
For wealth is measured in who we are,
Just natural, no pretense.
And am I wise, in what I do?
In all the things I know?
Only in the fact that I
Have tried to make that so!
I'm grateful for those close to me,
The  caring they extend,
For that to me, is what wealth is,
My family and my friends.
When it comes to wisdom,
I sure am not Einstein,
Yet I have tried to broaden,
The corners of my mind.
I depend on my judgment,
To keep me walking straight,
As I traverse the path of life,
Walk through that final gate.
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil


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