A Case Car
Photo By Leonard (O'Neil)
Shortly after cars were built,
The few who bought one first,
Became the envy of their peers,
Who wanted one the worst.
The fancy Case was a four door,
It boasted of two seats,
A roof that raised or lowered too,
Was one of many feats.
The roads back then were always dirt,
No asphalt to be seen,
So riding in a Case car,
Made one feel like a Queen!
There was no place, for a spare tire,
Except along the side,
That mattered not to driver brave,
Nor passengers inside.
Can you imagine damage done,
To a Case on the interstate,
As wind from semi trucks that passed ,
Would have caused it to gyrate?
I'll bet the driver could not keep,
Any semblance of control...
And what if that old Case should then,
Blow over, begin to  roll?
No seat belts to protect you,
Just canvass over head,
While speed was such, that with some luck,
You might jump out instead.
Those had to be the good ol' days,
If you owned a Case car,
Suddenly a trip to town,
Seemed not to be so far.
You didn't have a license,
To be able to drive,
No drivers ed, with a tough test,
On how to stay alive.
You simply cranked time and again,
And choked it, all by hand,
Until that Case, would cough and catch,
It's sound like music grand.
How lucky were the owners,
As they were filled with pride,
No longer did they use a horse,
But had a Case to ride!

(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil


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