Simple Life
I tend to write of simple things,
For that is all I've known,
Yet life has taught me many things,
I feel that I have grown.
Small towns and country living,
Have all been my forte,
I've no desire to change that,
To leave or move away.
I find the greatest pleasure,
That brings me the most joy,
Is just to move at my own pace,
Be natural, and not coy.
I see no reason at this time,
To change or seek another,
If I was asked, I would reply,
"My life suits like no other."
There is no way now, I could live,
With new things strange to me,
Accept me just for who I am,
It's what I'll always be.
And while it may be miniscule,
And only of small measure,
The simple life, that I have known,
Has filled me with much pleasure.
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil


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