Each day I must spend,
Most of my time,
Deleting spam,
While I am online.
The e-mails just keep
Right on pouring in,
From places unheard of,
Where I've NEVER been!
How they have found me,
I don't really know,
There's been a leak somewhere,
That's turned into a flow!
Buy your prescriptions,
From some foreign land,
Save yourself a bundle,
Now while you can.
Good news, you're approved,
For a brand new loan,
On the house that you live in,
That you already own.
Have you looked into the mirror,
Seen the damage there?
We have a cream that's guaranteed,
To make you look so fair.
You can further your education,
From the comfort of your home,
And if you're needing money,
We'll help you get a loan.
If your sex life is lacking,
So bad it makes you cry?
You can add spice again,
With pills that you can buy.
But even worse,
Are jokes that I get,
Over and over,
From friends who forget...
They've sent it already,
But they send it again,
Just because I
Am such a good friend.
I've installed spam blockers,
But nothing can stop,
The spam that I get,
So I delete till I drop!
Just do me a favor,
Take me off of your list,
Replace me with someone else,
So that I am not missed.
If I had one wish,
I think it would be,
To rid me of junk,
So I am  'Spam Free'!
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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