Reflections Of 911


Years have come and gone,
Since the towers came down...
Yet nothing is settled,
No peace to be found.
Seems like the efforts,
Made to this date,
Cannot resolve,
Our grief and our fate.
There are still questions there,
With no answers yet found,
Though grass replaces
The rubble from the ground.
The grief that we feel,
Is still fresh and so strong,
Despite all the 'answers'
For what really went wrong.
It seems that the mourning,
Is greater today,
That time does not heal,
Nor make it go way.
911 was a wakeup,
To a nation off guard,
Grief is not easy,
Forgiveness is hard.
So that each day now passes,
With no end in sight,
We remain in our mourning,
Still sealed with that plight.
We pray for the peace,
That only healing brings,
Proudly tell the rest of the world,
That Freedom still rings.
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil


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