Darned Old Rooster
Photo by  Loree

 I never set an alarm clock
Of the conventional kind,
To penetrate the fog of sleep,
That covers up my mind.
When I'm still wrapped in dreamland,
Just before the dawn,
That darned old rooster's raucous crow,
Makes me stir and yawn.
He tells me it is time to rise,
To face another day,
That while I linger in my bed,
Time slowly slips away.
He sings of what I'm missing,
A colorful sunrise,
That barely tints the sky with pink
As light spreads cross the skies.
He thinks that I should go out,
And open up his door,
That he might then, have excuse,
To strut and crow some more.
Who needs a clock that ticks aloud,
With irritating sound,
When my darned rooster is the best
Alarm clock I have found?
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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