A Humble House
Photo by Novadean
I live in a humble house,
Because that is my style,
Each room is decorated with
Love and a lot of smiles.
A humble house was all I sought,
Where I could take my ease,
Just sit down, kick back a bit,
And do the things I please.
It wouldn't matter if it was built,
Of lumber, bricks, or stone,
I would light it, with lots of smiles
That would make it all my own.
My house would never know the fear,
Of hidden, unseen dangers,
Instead I'd fill it full of friends,
Because there are no strangers.
There may be just a bit of dust,
That covers the top of a table,
Some dirty dishes in the sink,
Until I'm willing and able.
But my humble house is full of love,
And will never sit here empty,
It will never need a buyer because
It's full  of smiles 'aplenty'.
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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