Lost Love

Where is the one who goes through life,
Without the hurt and pain,
Of finding and then losing love,
That can‘t be found again.
Those tender moments, secrets shared,
But not for others view,
I found all this and so much more,
The moment I met you.
Too late for things not meant to be,
And so we had to part,
With nothing left there now to show,
Except my broken heart.
And in each new face that I see
And each new voice I hear
My heart thrusts deep within my breast,
My eyes blink back a tear.
And if we ever chance to meet,
I ask you pass me by,
Don’t say a word I beg of you,
Or you will know I cry.
There is no way while I still live,
To make myself move past,
The feelings that I freely gave,
The love I thought would last.

© 2002 Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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