Eggs In A Basket
Photo by Novadean
I met a lady long ago,
who put her eggs all in one basket..
When I wondered why that was,
She said, 'Strange you would ask that!'
Then she explained more to me,
And this is what she said,
"I've been accused of having eggs,
All scrambled in my head!
I've been this way for many years,
In fact, since I was born,
It's really me, and no one else,
Not some facade I've worn.
I've even had those who told me,
And it gave me quite a start,
That I was so hard-boiled to them,
I didn't have a heart!
But I am really no more than
An old egg in the skillet,
My heart of gold is like the yolk,
Of eggs that try to fill it.'
Then she looked me in the eye,
"Just accept me for what I am,
For at any time, I'd rather be,
An egg, 'stead of a ham!'
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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