How many wish for 'overs',
Want to turn their lives around?
Put to good use new perspectives,
From missed chances they have found?
It's so easy to pass over,
Opportunity at the time,
Live then so we regret it,
Let it eat then, at our mind.
For wisdom comes from learning,
Though it's often much too late,
To really make a difference
In what we accept as fate.
Maturity is the one thing
That never is complete,
We simply keep on growing,
Try to stay upon our feet.
There are those who seem to be right,
Never make a choice that's wrong,
Those people are the same ones,
Who appear to be so strong.
But there are also many,
Who would fit inside my shoes,
Still in the learning process,
With nothing left to lose
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil.


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