Before the sun can yet be seen
Somewhere beneath horizon,
It's fingers reach to touch the clouds
And herald Sun's early rising.
The first faint rays that reach above
And touch the clouds with gold
Along with just a hint of pink,
 Cause breath to catch and hold.
Another day about to dawn
With things unknown to come
As Sun shines down to warm my soul
Until this day is done.
At dusk Sun slips away from view
To snuggle in his nest,
Gradually sink into the dark
Like man lays down to rest.
Why would anyone want to waste
The very best time of day
When Nature paints the beauty of
 Another brand new day?
Why lay wrapped in deepest sleep,
As covers hide your head,
When you could enjoy all the peace
Of brand new dawn instead?
Tomorrow will find me right here
As I anxiously await,
Watching for Sun to show his face
And keep another date.
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil


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