Joint Endeavor
Weary footsteps plod on,
As we walk the path of life,
Downtrodden and weary,
Sometimes from its' strife.
Yet we press on,
Seeking our way,
Sometimes forgetting,
To take the time to pray.
Always grateful for good times,
While unhappy with the sad,
Searching for strength to move on,
Past all things bad.
We seek out the sunshine,
Shelter from rain,
Grow with experience,
Work to escape the pain.
With God's love and help,
And efforts of our own,
It becomes a joint endeavor,
Till at last God calls us home.
There's never too much hurt,
If we call on Him,
Ask for His guidance,
Let Him take away our sin.
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil


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