If You Only Had Tomorrow
If you only had tomorrow,
And knew there was no more,
How would you choose to spend it,
And would you beg for more?
Would you waste your time with crying,
Let the hours slip away?
Or would you make the most of it,
Knowing you could not stay?
Would you fill it up with laughter,
Store it to the very brim,
Brighten up your last day,
By being with a special friend?
Would you look with anticipation,
At what was surely next to come?
Or would you merely lament,
That your life was almost done?
And if you knew someone in need,
Who asked if he could borrow,
Would you give him then, your last day,
Let him have your last tomorrow?
Would you cram that final day,
With all the things you could?
Put out the effort to cheer up,
Make those you love, feel good?
Or would you leave this earth behind,
Knowing there's no tomorrow,
By choosing simply, this instead....
To drown in your sorrow?
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil


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