Better Day

You never miss the water,
Till the pump is broken down,
Completely isolated,
With no way to get to town.
The motor in my pickup truck,
Blew up the other day,
I lost my job three years ago,
I don't have any pay.
The tires on my dead truck
Look like they have been skinned,
I covered them with patches and plugs,
To hold the sick tubes in.
My pantry is all empty now,
Even the bugs have gone,
No use in staying in this house,
With no crumbs to munch on.
They took the phone, last year I think,
Or maybe the year before,
About the time, they shut off my gas,
Cause I couldn't pay for more.
I can't afford to get sick,
I lost my darned insurance,
Life is getting tedious,
It's testing my endurance.
But the one thing that I hold to,
No one can take away,
The hope that lies deep in my heart,
For yet a better day.
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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