What is so special about Time,
That it can mean so much?
In almost everything we do,
We glimpse some of time's touch.
Time can stand still, not move at all,
Hang heavy in the air,
While we enjoy a lover's kiss,
And all the feelings there.
For children waiting for Christmas,
Time makes them much impatient,
For the presents hidden well,
From attic down to basement.
The good times pass so quickly,
Too soon they are all gone,
Replaced with bad times in between,
Those just seem to hang on.
We each are given much sunshine,
Maybe a cross to bear,
For Time stands still for no one,
Life is not always fair.
We have to march to drumbeat,
Of Time as she moves on,
Learn to live within the sound,
Of Times own special song.
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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