Faded Glory
There are lines in her face now,
That once were never there...
A dullness along with the gray,
That streaks her fading hair.
Still there is spring, that's in her step,
And bounce within her walk...
Her voice  still tinged with sound of youth,
When she begins to talk.
Her figure, has changed just a bit,
But still is mighty fine,
She still can turn a head or two,
While she's in a checkout  line.
Her eyes still have their twinkle,
She's hung on to sense of humor,
And if someone tells her she's old,
She says, 'That's just a rumor!'
She wears the brand name clothing,
That suits her to a 'T',
Faded Glory on the label,
Cause she says, " that's  REALLY me!"
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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