Bad Dreams
Night time when I lie in my bed,
With all hope gone, and only dread,
I toss and turn, in troubled sleep,
My pillow wet with tears I weep.
Behind closed eyes, I think I see,
Your face as plain as it can be,
That's when I think of love we shared,
Back when I knew that you still cared.
My thoughts turn to your love brand new,
The one who lays now, next to you,
In same arms that once held me tight,
Instead you hold her through the night.
And then I stir, my eyes fly open,
My hand is gentle in it's groping,
For there you are, in your place,
Sleeping as I stare at your face.
For all is not as it might seem,
One more night, another dream,
That I have lost you and you're gone,
I'm glad that bad dreams, can be wrong.
(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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