Don't Sweat The Littlel Things

Don't sweat the little things in your life,
Don't let them get you down,
Don't let them put lines in your face,
And cause a great big frown.

Instead you need to spend your time,
And learn to contemplate,
These little things that mean so much,
Demand you concentrate.

For they are gifts that came from God,
Sent to you to enhance,
A bigger plan, your destiny,
And are not there by chance.

These little things, that you sweat now,
Fill life to overflowing,
Keep you tired, but young at heart,
The whole time they are growing.

But they grow up, and much too soon,
Set out to conquer all,
Yet knowing that their Mom and Dad,
Will catch them if they fall.

(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

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