I spend long hours sitting here,
And listening to the sound,
Of water tumbling from a falls,
In quest to reach the ground.
My mind is lulled into a place,
That trouble cannot find,
Canít interrupt the tranquil depths,
That calm and soothe my mind.
A troubled spirit at once healed,
By way of Godís creation,
I gaze at what can easily,
Restore me with elation.
And some might say,
whatís wrong with you?
Itís just a waterfall,
But still I sit and marvel at,
What fills me with such awe.
I find the peace and quiet here,
That recently seemed elusive,
I leave behind the throes of life,
Those tend to be intrusive.
Now put aside, not thought about,
So that nothing spoils this time,
When Nature works her magic as
She calms my soul and mind.

© Author: Loree (Mason) O'Neil


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