Tornado Alley

 (c) Photo by Loree  June 12th, 2004  Winfield, Kansas


The sun had boiled down all day long,

Shone with heat that was blazon,

A sauna feel was in the air,

Heavy and moisture laden,


The dog uneasy, as she lay,

With nose turned up to sniff,

While unseen danger that hung there,

 Gave up a poignant whiff.


The scanner had been busy,

Storm chasers were in place,

Adrenalin was flowing,

For the upcoming race.


The wind that blew so hard that day,

Had paused to take a rest,

As I walked out beside our road,

 My gaze turned toward the west.


All around me it was quiet,

No wind now that had been loud,

Across the far horizon,

I spotted the ‘wall cloud’.


A wall cloud is the parent,

Of what people like me dread,

They give birth to tornados,

That do damage and leave dead.


I watched for several minutes,

My camera in my hand,

The wall cloud spawned tornado,

That reached to touch the land.


I knew from the direction,

The movement storm had taken,

That I was safe right where I was,

But still I was quite shaken.


In just a brief few seconds,

The damage means the end,

Of hopes and dreams, and even lives,

Destroyed by savage wind.


No rivers, hills, nor trees protect,

Not even hidden valley,

 Stops a tornado once it forms,

Inside Tornado alley.


©  2004  Loree (Mason) O’Neil


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