Leave So I Can Cry

My darling can you tell me,

Explain what isn’t right?

Tell me why it is now,

You no longer hold me tight?


The light that once shone in your eyes,

Has disappeared from there,

Replaced with such a lonely look,

What seems almost a stare.


Is it because, that over time,

With passage of the years,

We both have suffered too much hurt,

And cried too many tears?


If you have found a new love,

But hate to say goodbye,

Please tell me she’s the reason,

Then leave, so I can cry.


A broken heart is painful,

It makes a heavy load,

A burden to be carried,

With no cure I am told.


If I find myself alone now,

As I travel to life’s end,

Just know I’ll always look for,

Your smile ‘round each new bend.


©  2004  Loree (Mason) O’Neil



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