Itís Never Too Late


Itís never too late,

To turn life around,

To search for and find,

Much firmer ground.


It's never too late,

 To lighten your load,

Smooth out the bumps

That appear in lifeís road.


Itís never too late,

To replace your own frown,

Caused by the feeling

That life let you down.


Itís never too late,

For things you have done,

To make a big difference,

For both you and someone.


Itís never too late,

To apologize,

For words that youíve spoken,

That were unwise.


Itís never too late,

To do special deed,

For those that you know,

 Are truly in need.


Itís never too late,

To reap harvest from seeds,

That you have sown,

Through your kindly deeds.


Make today the start,

Donít procrastinate,

For each day youíre given,

Means itís still not too late.



©  2004  Loree (Mason) OíNeil



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