Quiet Place


(© photo by Loree)


I donít have to travel,

Get out in a crowd,

Put up with noise,

Unbearably loud,


To find a quiet place,

That soothes troubled soul,

Rejuvenates me,

With each new goal.


I walk cross the pasture,

Just a short way,

Sit down on the grass,

Watch nature at play.


A cloud high above,

Otherwise azure blue,

With quiet all around,

Brings peace I once knew.


I sit and I look,

At all Godís creation,

My quiet place tucked way,

In special location.


The singing of birds,

High in the trees,

Reflection in water,

Of lush green leaves.


Colors and sounds,

Soft breeze on my face,

Keep calling me back,

To my quiet place


©  2004  Loree (Mason) OíNeil


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