Kansas Dog Days


On hottest day, relentless sun,

Shines down, feels overbearing,

Touching all thatís in itís path,

With no let up and no caring.


So even dogs seek out what shade,

Might give them some relief,

When man looks at thermometer,

His eyes show disbelief.


The dog days of late summer,

Have settled all around,

Both man and beast seek their respite,

From any shade thatís found.


The earth is cooked like some brown crust,

Left baking far too long,

For clouds that brought the springtime rains,

Have left, and now are gone.


Hot stagnant days that zap the strength,

Oppressive time for sure,

A battle now of wits and will,

To survive and endure.


The flowers are all wilted now,

Their color somewhat jaded,

Like tempers that are set on edge,

And laughter that has faded.


Kansas is a harsh land,

With seasons of extreme,

Tempers itsí inhabitants,

And leaves them gaunt and lean.


Like the pioneers before them,

Who came and learned to cope,

A Kansan is resilient,

And always full of hope.


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