May is the time of year again,
We turn our thoughts to time back then,
To school mates and the friends we knew,
separating as we grew.

No turning back the clock of time,
No way lost friends to find,
We are travelers now, on life's highway,
No choice and no other way.

Melancholy, and sometimes sad,
At loss of friends that we once had..
Scattered like dust on the wind,
Wondering now, where each has been.

And so we gather, once a year,
Share our laughter, sometimes a tear,
For days that now, are gone and past,
As life has picked, chosen her cast..

Of who is left, and who has gone,
To wait for us, prepare a home,
Where once again, we'll be together,
Friendships renewed, to last forever.

  2004   Loree (Mason) ONeil


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