If I sound calloused in any way,

Forgive me for the things I say,

For that was'nt what I meant to do,

And now I'm missing you.


If I have hurt you, forgive me please,

I come to you on bended knees,

To try and make it very clear,

You're so special to me dear.


If I've caused tears, let me dry them,

Wrap you with my love again,

Show you just how much I truly care,

Whisper things I want to share.


If I have failed you, let you down,

With spoken word and hurtful sound,

Then this is my apology,

From deep within heart of me.


If I should lose you, my soul mate,

 A life alone, would be my fate,

For eternity could not erase,

Nor another take your place.


 ©  2004   Loree (Mason) O’Neil




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