I've always been the thin skinned type,
I wear my feelings on my shoulder,
This tends to make me vulnerable
My enemies much bolder.

Am I the only one who's wrong?
When I become the victim?
From assailants just as bad,
With all the hate that's in them?

Or do we share the blame now,
Divided equally?

I apologize to you,
 You do the same for me.


Iíve never understood,

Though I always try,

Why hurt feelings are what,

Bring the tears when I cry.


Two words are all thatís needed,

Though sometimes hard to say,

By  telling them, ďIím sorryĒ,

Hurt feelings go 'way.


This is my way, of saying to you,

That Iím sharing the blame,

Harsh words cause hurt feelings,

Iím sorry and deeply ashamed.


 ©  2004   Loree (Mason) OíNeil



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