The Kindness Well


You do not drill a kindness well,

Itís with you from the start,

Filled not with water, but instead,

The kindness in your heart.


Itís filled with what is safe to drink,

No harm will come to others,

Itís great to send some to your friends,

Wives, husbands, even lovers.


It doesnít come from faucet,

Nor glass filled at your sink,

Instead itís drawn from deep inside,

From kind thoughts that you think.


Itís level never does go down,

But always holds so steady,

So when you need to draw from it,

Itís always at the ready.


Feel free to drink from it yourself,

Be quick to share it tooÖ

Thereís nothing quite as refreshing,

As a drink of Kindness Dew!



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