Carrot Top


I was born with hair aplenty,

That covered all my head,

But to my mother’s dismay,

It all was colored red.


My eyes were blue as they could be,

There was nothing to impress,

Unless it was my wailing,

That caused Mom lack of rest.


She’s just a little Carrot Top,

Said all those at the scene,

But Mother disagreed with them,

Claimed ‘carrot tops are green!’


In school I was quite famous,

For being kind of bad,

When others called me Carrot Top,

It made me fighting mad.


But later when I was grown up,

My thinking had all changed,

I almost wished that Carrot Top,

Had been what I was named.


I see those all around me,

With envy in their gaze,

When sunlight catches Carrot Top,

And sets it all  ablaze.


Now that red hair is all the rage,

And really is in style,

When I am called a Carrot Top,

It simply makes me smile.


©  2004  Loree (Mason) O’Neil


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