El Toro

© Photo by Loree


They didn't think he would survive,

His arrival was not easy, 

 His mother died while giving birth,

On cold day that was breezy.


Yet something in his makeup,

Would prove that he was destined,

 Meant to live and beat the odds,

Surprise those who had questioned.


The one time that I saw him,

Out came his searching tongue,

Exploring finger I held out,

To lick, bond us as one.


His dark brown eyes that lit up,

As he nuzzled at my hand,

Were full of love and trust as well,

Both things I understand.


He showed a will to live and grow,

So surely there's a plan,

Will he someday be something more,

Than steak in frying pan?


Still sadness tugged within my soul,

They are selling him tomorrow,

Yet for one day, he stole my heart,

The calf, I called 'El Toro'.


 ©  2004  Loree (Mason) O’Neil


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