How Times Have Changed

How times have changed
over the years,
Tempered with time,
and the passage of years.
The magic moments
of my childhood dreams,
Buried somewhere,
were simply schemes.
The aspirations that I once had,
Some made me happy,
some made me sad.
Some were merely thrown to the side,
Lying forlornly. until they had died.
With passing time
I no longer can do and live,
like once was my plan.
There are things that are past,
and things that are gone,
Like waves on the ocean,
they carried me on.
So that now I sometimes,
just simply sit,
And remember the past,
with no small regret,
Impatiently biding the rest of my time,
My goal now in life, the end of the line.
Just to take my departure,
with no show of fanfare,
To make people wonder,
‘Was she really there?’
Or like perfume laden,
soft breeze in the night,
That was there for a moment,
but gone with daylight.

© 2002 Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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