Springs Back


Springs back and right on schedule,

She’s once more in control,

Winter takes his dreary days,

Flees after one last blow.


No gray skies now, low overhead,

To sadden and depress,

For Spring arrives, and just in time,

Adorned in flowered dress.


I listen closely to the sounds,

That signal Springs return,

Smell the smoke that fills the air,

From fields that farmers burn.


See the birds that were not here,

During Winters reign,

For they migrated, flying south,

But now are back again.


The croak of frogs down by the pond,

Clings to the cloak of night,

Rejoicing in the time of year,

Expressing their delight.


I feel the gentle touch of spring ,

 That penetrates my soul,

Spring heals with her artistic grace,

With rainbow hues that glow. 


 ©  2004  Loree (Mason) O’Neil


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