Mind Game


The first time that I saw her,

I felt my knees grow weak,

Perfection stood before me,

I was afraid to speak.


A wood nymph of the mountains,

Safe from bold city pace,

A vision that enthralled me,

And caused my heart to race.


Her lips like crimson berries,

That tremble in slight breeze,

Supple body poised for flight,

To hide among the trees.


Like scared fawn, she's ready to run,

I was afraid to breathe,

Afraid I might frighten her…

That she would whirl and leave.


Auburn locks that framed her face,

Like sunlit portrait rare,

 Smallest smile that touched her lips,

Caused me to stand and stare.


Then turning with one more smile,

And slight wave of her hand,

She faded into forest then,

Became part of the land.


Each year I go back there to see,

To seek just one more glance,

Of Mountain beauty I saw there,

On just an outside chance….


Hoping to see her once again,

That she will look the same,

Sometimes I wonder if she’s real,

Or simply a mind game.


©  2004  Loree (Mason) O’Neil


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