Market Junkie


I am a market junkie,

I watch them every day,

With both anticipation,

And sometimes much dismay.


Like me it has itís ups and downs,

No way I can predict,

If I will make some money,

Or lose, then throw a fit.


A rising market is so great,

It cheers me up the most,

But spiral down, into the ground?

That really burns my toast.


My heart comes up, into my throat,

I feel my heartbeat quicken,

At thought that this, might be the day,

It wonít give me a lickiní!


I watch the clock, and bite my nails,

And even walk the floor,

Hoping this might be the day,

That I come out with more.


I think Iím rubbing elbows,

With the very rich,

I know I am addicted,

But I have found my niche.


I have my brokerís number,

I keep him at the ready,

The feeling that Iím in control,

Exciting and quite heady.


I think I am a gambler,

What more is there to say,

Addicted to the markets,

I go there every day.


©  2004  Loree (Mason) OíNeil

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