Night Critters


It started at an early age,

When my children were quite young…

The baby wanted to sleep all day,

Stay up when night had come.


There was no way to convince them,

 That they had it really wrong,

They didn't care that Mother,

Had been slaving all day long.


Later when they were older,

It was still a constant fuss,

To get them out of bed,

To catch the next school bus.


Then finally came a great day,

It was cause for celebration,

 Kids moved out, we were alone,

We were giddy with elation.


Now it's a midnight phone call,

That awakes me to disrupt…

A cheery voice, says ‘hi Mom..

‘How are you?’ and “What’s up?


That’s when I want to reach out,

And really touch someone,

They nearly caused a heart attack,

While they are having fun.


I know I wouldn't trade them,

For an oil well in Iraq,

And though I truly love them,

I sure don't want them back!


 They are bona fide night critters,

Who can’t stand the light of day,

They think days are for sleeping,

And that nights are meant for play.


There is no way to change them,

Though that may cause a sigh,

For they are just night critters,

And It’s best that I don’t try.


Still I love those pesky critters,

For they mean the world to me,

God knew what he was doing,

When he gave four boys to me


©  2004  Loree (Mason) O’Neil


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