An artist paints with swirls of brush,

Musician with sweet sound...

A poet with the thoughts they have,

And special words they've found.


While Music is uplifting

It's sound meant to inspire,

Written words can warm the heart,

And light mans' inner fire.


There's magic in the artist's brush,

When he creates landscape,

Or lofty mountains, high above,

Or water off the Cape.


The author of a good book,

Can draw the reader in,

Make them a part of what unfolds,

But still must finally end.


A poet waits impatiently,

For writing mood to strike,

Then captures with a pad and pen,

Before those words take flight.


Artists seem somewhat aloof,

As they seek different themes,

A breed almost unto themselves,

Yet still, will share their dreams.


©  2004  Loree (Mason) OíNeil



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