I long for the days of Sesame Street,

TV from long ago,

When body parts were not mentioned,

And not allowed to show.


When movies were made for the kids we had,

And the Saturday matinee,

Did not subject them to hearing words,

We didnít want them to say.


Violence was the bank robber,

Who never got away,

Roy and Trigger had him caught,

Before the end of day.


A sad show was the movie,

That brought a tear to our eye,

We all remember Lassie,

 She still can make us cry.

So what has happened to TV,

And to the movies too...

 That now we have to monitor,

The things our children view?

We shouldn't have to worry,

That something might be botched...

That wholesome entertainment,

Is an art that has been lost.

(c)  2004  Loree (Mason) O'Neil


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