Fickle Heart



I sit beside a little brook,

Its ripples like a thought,

Held captive in an eddy there,

While helpless as it sought..


A new direction to move on,

 Like leaf killed by first frost.

That falls into an icy stream,

Akin to poor soul lost.


I feel the pain within my heart,

Tight close my eyes to savor,

Memories of the love we shared,

Not once did my love waver.


I feel tears then, that sting my eyes,

Flow unchecked down my cheek,

And wonder where my strength has gone,

Why I now feel so weak.


I think youíre never coming back,

My mind tells me itís so,

But fickle heart still hopes and clings

To heat of loves warm glow.


©  2004  Loree (Mason) OíNeil



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