Valentines Day



Who started Valentines Day?

What were they thinking of?

I've heard it's all about hearts and flowers,

 And a crazy little thing called love

So blame it on Old Dan Cupid,

For the way that I feel,

This is no cheap imitation,

Instead I know it's for real.


I think I saw him lurking there,

Hiding behind a tree,

The next thing that I knew I had been hit,

When he drew a bead on me.


And though I know that I’ve outgrown,

The days of my childhood,

When I used to draw a big red heart,

Because it made me feel good.

There’s still a need deep down inside me,

To celebrate this special day,

So I'm sending part of my heart,

With a bunch of love your way.

This special message says it all,

In simple words but so true,

I want to tell you just one more time,

“My darling, I love you.”


©  2004  Loree (Mason) O’Neil


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