How many people whom you know

Are poets in disguise?

Because most write behind closed doors,

The numbers might surprise.


Society has not been kind,

To poets in the past,

The stigma thatís attached to them,

Has made them feel outcast.


They tend to write in solitude,

With window shades all drawn,

Closed in a special secret world,

Pen thoughts before theyíre gone.


They almost seem to wait for years,

Before their first attempt,

As if they fear disdain from man,

And what might be contempt.


They are not all Longfellow,

Each write in their own style,

Inspiration spurs them on,

To write what they compile.


The sad fact is they realize,

That fame may never be,

Still poets write as if driven,

More words of poetry.


Itís true they may not be around,

For recognition given,

No doubt by then they will be gone,

Deceased and gone to heaven.


Still they have done what spurred them on,

Their talent lies in wait,

Till they have safely passed on thru,

St. Peterís pearly gate.


©  2004  Loree (Mason) OíNeil



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